Dolphins Play 'Tail Soccer' With Jellyfish


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Ever wondered what bottle-nosed dolphins do for fun? Marine Biologists observing the fun-loving mammals, were stunned to see them playing a game of soccer - Using bright pink jellyfish as balls.

The dolphins were caught in action at Cardigan Bay, off the coast of Wales by scientists from the Sea Watch Foundation and Marine Awareness, who were observing their behavior as they gather here to breed and feed for the summer.

The dolphins swam under water and then with a flick of their tails, tossed the round-blobs up into the air. While they didn't 'score' every time, when they did succeed, the poor jellyfish were tossed up as high as six-feet!.

While scientists had never seen this before, they believe it is something these fish have been doing for a long time and may explain why they do such a good job with real balls at Sea-Parks around the world.

While the dolphins seem to be having a blast, the same couldn't be said about the jellyfish, which often die as a result of these impromptu soccer matches!


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  • animal kidalmost 5 years
    Did you now that these animals play sports like we do but in a different way and in the video you see dolphins playing soccer and some times it's cute or funny to watch!!!!!!!!!!!.
    • pro2007gamer
      pro2007gamerabout 5 years
      Dolphin Football the next generation
      • Dgirlabout 5 years
        I with I could swim with dolphins
        • Beaver Screamerabout 5 years
          I love this
          • Randomabout 5 years
            • mistic2348over 5 years
              i love jellyfish :D
              • Dgirlabout 6 years
                That is cute💋💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘😘👅💖
                • .lksadrp's9pas about 6 years
                  • glaciergirl03over 7 years
                    wow dolphins playing soccer now thats amazing
                    • blast zone 47almost 8 years
                      this is amazing.(plus i am really good at soccer).