Swiss adventurer, James Rossy, also known as Fusionman or Jet Man, made headlines last year, when he became the first man to fly across the English Channel, with just a jet-propelled wing across his back. His latest attempt however, was not as successful.

On Wednesday, the former fighter pilot attempted to become the first man to complete an intercontinental flight, across the Strait of Gibraltar, from Morocco(N. Africa) to Spain,Europe, with just the jet wings strapped to his back.

The history-making 24-mile journey started well for the 50-year old adventurer, as he jumped off the plane from an altitude of 6,500 feet.

However, four to five minutes into his 15-minute flight, he disappeared and was later found, waiting to be rescued in the cold Atlantic Ocean.

Rossy blamed bad weather for his failure to fly across, saying that he hit turbulence and found himself inside a cloud soon after he took off!

This disorientedhim, as he could not see any of his landmarks. He tried to get over the cloud, but instead kept dropping, at a alarming speed, and therefore decided play it safe by ditching his wing for the parachute.

While a little cold and disappointed at not being able to complete what would have been a history-making flight, Rossi was otherwise in good spirits - knowing fully well that he will try it again, and be successful, the next time around.

Rossy's airplane-type wings are made from carbon fiber and span about 8 feet. Attached to the wings, are four small kerosene-burning engines, similar to the ones used in model airplanes. The wings fold up at the hinges and open up when Rossi jumps off the planes, after which he uses a hand throttle and his body to maneuver the flight.

Since he started using them in 2006, Rossy has completed many successful flights, most of them in his native Switzerland. His longest flight so far, has been across the English Channel, a 22-mile journey that he completed in 13 minutes.