The International Space Station allows astronauts to live in space for extended amounts of time, enabling them to explore the mysteries outside our Universe and conduct extensive experiments. However, nothing like that exists for our oceans, and thanks to the high water pressure, oceanographers are able to explore what lies underneath, for very short spans of time.

They are therefore never able to fully explore the mysteries that lie inside the deep abyss of our oceans. However, If French architect Jacques Rougerie has his way, that will change soon.

That's because, he has designed a space ship that will allow researchers to spend extensive periods of time observing the sea life and conducting experiments at leisure.

Dubbed 'Sea Orbiter', the gigantic 167ft. futuristic-looking vessel, comprises of two areas - One above the water where the scientists and crew will live, and a lower pressurized deck, where scientists will be able to spend as much time as they wish. Since it is powered by sea currents and wind, he expects it to drift along the oceans slowly, taking about two years to circumvent the globe.

Given the extended time periods that scientists will be residing on the ship, Jacques has included amenities to make their life as comfortable as possible. Besides being equipped with the latest navigation tools and communication equipment, the boat will also have a trampoline deck, gym and, a television and DVD player - above every bunk! And these guys will not be eating freeze-dried food like astronauts. Instead, Jacques, an accomplished chef, plans on cooking them gourmet meals everyday.

The biggest hurdle to this futuristic vessel is the cost, which is expected to be over $500mm USD - per ship! However, Jacques, who strongly believes that the secrets of our oceans may be the key to solving global warming issues and a vital source for food and medicine in the future, is confident he will be able to convince governments all over the world to help out, and expects to start construction on not one, but four or five of these amazing ships soon!