On this Valentine's Day, we bring you the story of Lisha, an amazingly big-hearted, nine-year old Labrador. While Lisa has no pups of her own, she has been a surrogate mother to baby animals of almost every species, including a porcupine!

Lisha, who lives at the Cango Wildlife Reserve in South Africa, has always been drawn to baby animals, irrespective of their species. According to the Directors of the Reserve, Nadine and Rob Hall, if Lisha sees an animal being brought to her in a box, she automatically assumes it needs to be taken care of and takes them under her wing, by licking them.

So far, she has been a surrogate mother to over 30 animals, which include some kittens, a porcupine named spiky, and even a baby hippo.

Currently, she is mom to three one-month old tiger cubs, whose mother rejected them at birth. Of course, given that the three may soon start to view the unsuspecting Lisha as dinner, they will not be allowed to stay with her too long. But so far, they all seem quite happy with the arrangement.

While Lisha is exceptionally big-hearted, Labradors are generally very good company and make great pets.They are extremely intelligent, gentle, good-natured and energetic animals - no wonder they are the most popular dog breed in the United States and United Kingdom. Happy Valentine's Day!

Source: The Sun.co.uk, DailyMail.Co.uk