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Located 70 miles from Buenos Aires , the Capital of Argentina, the Lujan Zoo is being called many things - wild, irresponsible and even dangerous. However officials here simply call it - 'The World's first interactive Zoo.'

That's because this unusual place allows visitors to 'interact' freely with all their animals - even the wild cats!

On the surface, a trip to the Lujan Zoo, feels like any other Zoo. For a $7 USD fee, visitors can walk around and admire a number of animals, ranging from deer to llama to ducks and rabbits. Also, just like any other trendy Zoo, this one too offers camel and elephant rides.

However, step near the caged wild animal area, and you will start to see a difference. Instead of peering at a lion, tiger or cheetah from a distance, the Zoo allows visitors to hang with them - inside their cages, if they so wish!

They can ride abreast a lion or feed milk to a baby tiger, or better still - cuddle up with a real bear. It's all not only possible, but encouraged.

In fact, the girl in the picture, said that she and her friend were allowed to hang out at the Zoo after it closed. She then got to feed milk to a tiger, directly from her hand. She also held a monkey that was chewing gum! For the grand finale, she and her friend went on a VIP train ride, to take a closer look at a number of tractors that are scattered all around the Zoo.

As you would expect, this unusual practice is creating some tension amongst animal experts around the world, who believe that the Zoo's actions are irresponsible and dangerous - On the other hand, the visitors seem to love it!

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  • mermaidforgames
    mermaidforgamesover 1 year
    lucky but also scary
    • gold3nglare
      gold3nglareover 2 years
      wow that is risky.
      • x_goddess_x
        x_goddess_xover 2 years
        WOWZA!!! That is so cool!!
        • animereina2021
          animereina2021about 3 years
          I think it is great for risk takers, but I also think that it is a bad thing. Not only they are allowing people to go inside tiger's cages, they are also letting people cuddle up with bears. People can get seriously injured, unless the animals are trained. Animals can also spread disease which is also not a good thing. But what benefits is that they are allowing people to get connected with wild life.
          • goodvibesonly09
            goodvibesonly09about 3 years
            DID IT SAY FROM DEER TO LLAMA???? OMG I LOVE LLAMAS 😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩OMG LIKE IF YOU LOVE LLAMAS TOO they are soooooo cute! I have actually pet and fed an alpaca which are close to llamas but to me THERE STILL SO CUTE!!!
            • animereina2021
              animereina2021about 3 years
              I went to an alpaca farm once. They look a lot like llamas, and also how they run makes them look funny!
            • bookfan2009
              bookfan2009about 3 years
              That's cool, but not the safest.
              • leiker1414
                leiker1414about 3 years
                Not in a million years I will do that. I will take a hard pass.
                • shaniahope
                  shaniahopeover 3 years
                  My brother in law is from Argentina, I wonder if he knows this Zoo?
                  • leiker1414
                    leiker1414about 3 years
                    What's a brother in law I have a step brother. And an adopted brother but what's a brother in law.
                    • graycat
                      graycatabout 3 years
                      A brother in law is like if your sister marries a boy then he becomes your brother in law
                      • goodvibesonly09
                        goodvibesonly09about 3 years
                        A brother in law is like hmmm well my mom's brother in law is my uncle because my mom has a sister and her sister is married to my uncle so my mom's brother in law is my uncle
                  • Linciealmost 4 years
                    cool but a little scary
                    • Coolkidalmost 4 years
                      Interesting but dangerous