'Otzi' - The Iceman, Now Online!


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Otzi the Iceman is the world;s oldest frozen mummy (Credit: South Tyroll Museum of Archaeology)

Stunning pictures of Otzi the Iceman, the world's oldest frozen mummy can now be viewed online, thanks to Italy's Institute for Mummies and The Iceman. Discovered by two hikers on a mountain range between Austria and Italy,, ,, it is believed that Otzi inhabited the Earth 5,300 years or 53 centuries ago! Until recently, the mummy, which resides in a refrigerated room, in a specially-built museum in Bolzano, Italy, could only be viewed there, and that too, only through portholes.

In order to allow more people to get a view of this amazingly intact skeleton, without jeopardizing it, the researchers at the museum decided to take pictures and create a special website. The photos were selected from a collection of 150,000 high definition pictures shot from twelve different angles, and provide visitors with a view that is even better than seeing Otzi 'live'. In keeping with modern-day technology, the photos can also be viewed in 3-D, with the right glasses.

The images were selected from a collection of over 150,000 high definition images (Credit: South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology)

Otzi has been one of the most remarkable finds in archeological history. His remains were so intact that scientists even found evidence of meat and unleavened bread in his intestine - his last meal consumed about eight hours before he died.

Beside him were all his tools, including a bow and arrow, dagger and copper axe. Even more surprising was the sophisticated clothing found, comprising of a hide coat, an intricately woven grass cloak, leggings, loin cloth and shoes.

Otzi's body was marked with over 57 tattoos, which scientists believe may have been acupuncture treatment for his arthritic knees.

The stone-age hunter was frozen in ice for 5,000 years (Credit:South Tyroll Museum of Archaeology)

It is thought that Otzi died from exhaustion and an old unhealed arrow wound, on his back. At the time of his death, he was 45 years old, 5.5 ft tall and weighed about 112lbs.

Over the years, Otzi has remained quite popular, and is the subject of many books and even a play. And if you happen to visit the Bolzano museum, you can purchase many Otzi souvenirs, including an Otzi drink. To view additional pictures of this iceman be sure to check out his website - http://www.icemanphotoscan.eu/

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