Ray and Lynne Simone of Butler, Pennsylvania couldn't believe their luck when they were offered their dream house for just $1 USD. However, there was one small catch...........

Before they could move into the four-bedroom Victorian, the house itself had to be physically moved from its current location.That is because the company that purchased it wished to construct a parking lot in that space.

This did not deter Ray and Lynne, who went ahead and paid their $1USD. In July of 2008, the 480 ton house was relocated on large wheels by 'house moving' experts -Wolfe House and Building Movers.

In order to uproot the house from its original location and replant it in its new location, the company had to first get to the foundation - about seven to ten feet below the ground. Then, using a hydraulic Jack system, they placed 64 jacks under the foundation beams and lifted the whole structure - the same procedure was repeated when the house was placed in its new location.

However, that was just the beginning. Ray and Lynne had to still get permission from authorities who were concerned that plunking the heavy home would destroy the roads in that area. They also needed to get utilities re-attached, install a cellar and complete some renovation work.

Now almost a year later, they are finally getting ready to move in. However, both of them are ecstatic and say the effort was definitely worth it - not to mention that they succeeded in preserving a beautiful old Victorian!

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