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12-year old Harry Willsher from Billericcay, Essex has just landed every kid's dream job. He has been appointed chief 'taster' for candy manufacturer Swizzles Matlow - Yes that means he (and his three siblings), will the first one(s) to taste and opine on all new candy the company is planning to introduce.

Swizzles Matlow, based in Derbyshire, England is best known for its Valentine Love Hearts, Rainbow Drops, Cola candy and a lollipop called Drumstick

In fact, it the was the last one that landed Harry his amazing gig. A big fan of the Drumstick, he wrote an online essay on the candy, which was so convincing, that he beat out 3,000 other job applicants.

His title comes with many perks. The first was a tour to the candy factory, which Harry said was like stepping into the book, 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.

The company also gave him gift cards worth $1,000 USD, his own business cards, overalls, with his name and title embossed on them, and best of all - five large bags of candies! The big-hearted boy of course shared them with his siblings and school friends.

Needless to say, his siblings are thrilled and surpringly enough so are his parents - who say that as long as he doesn't overdo the tasting, they are totally cool with him eating the candy - Now that is what we call sweet!


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  • bigmelo
    bigmeloover 8 years
    *sobs* If he ever retires, can I take over? I guarantee you, I have a pretty impressive résumé... :D
    • djcool123
      djcool123over 8 years
      can i eat all that ? plz ?
      • wowowoover 8 years
        no way i wan it
        • wowowoover 8 years
          what yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
          • Wikipediaover 8 years
            Me too, jasonr!
            • LOLLOLLOLOLLOLover 8 years
              Wow, it is so thought out and written! The reporter must have spent tons of time writing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              • Louisianaover 8 years
                I used to have a brother and he too wanted to do the same job and he got the job but he couldn't do it
                • Lolvitareover 8 years
                  • jasonr
                    jasonralmost 9 years
                    I want to work there but they would have to fire me because I would eat all their candy
                    • caseyryba
                      caseyrybaalmost 9 years
                      That is so cool. there so lucky to have a sweet job. i a