Brian Dettmer, a young artist from Atlanta, has always used unusual mediums for his art. Over the years, he has created works of art from maps, record albums and even cassette tapes. Five years ago, the talented artist began creating amazing masterpieces from old books.

Brian, who calls his art 'book autopsies' selects old, black and white hard-covered editions that contain a lot of illustrations. He starts by sealing the book, so that his 'sculpture' does not come apart.

After that, he goes about skillfully sculpting the book in way that its subject matter is apparent to the viewer without ever opening a single page. For example, from a 1940's book about eye surgery, he created a piece of art where the viewer get a glimpse of the eyes, the optic nerves and the surgical instruments all in one glance.

Brian, began experimenting with ususual mediums even before he graduated from Chicago's Columbia college. He first created art from enlarged Braille letters, then he moved on to 'chaotic paintings', which involved systematically sticking and ripping paper from a canvas - until it was a piece of 'art' - and now this!

His latest creations, which have made him world famous are carried by art galleries all over the world and sell for thousands of dollars. To see more of Brian's masterpieces, check out his website at,