Video game retailer, GameStop's Union Square store in Manhattan, was literally buzzing on Memorial Day weekend, thanks to some unusual customers - thousands of bees that swarmed the store's entrance.

The bees came from hives located inside the walls of a building near the stores and were apparently following the scent of the queen bee, looking for a new hive location - which led them to the video store.

The scared employees closed the doors and placed a sign that read 'temporarily closed due to bee infestation' and sat waiting for help to arrive. However, that turned out to be harder than they thought - as the authorities didn't seem to know how to deal with the problem.

When the employees called emergency services at 911, they were referred to 311, which deals with non-emergency issues. The folks at 311 didn't know what to do either, and referred them to the Mayor's office. Meanwhile, a good Samaritan tried to help by luring a thousand of the buzzing creatures into a bag - but that didn't even put a dent in the huge swarm.

Finally, after about two hours, a bee expert arrived and lured away the entire swarm by imitating the queen's scent. The bees have now been settled in a hive in upstate New York and it's back to business at the busy store.

Miraculously, not one person got stung by the swarm, which just tells us that all the poor bees wanted was a video game to entertain themselves with - Now why didn't anyone think of that?,