Ahhhh. . . . . . .It's Raining Tadpoles In Japan

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In the movie 'Bedtime Stories', Adam Sandler was treated with yummy gumballs from the skies. However, the people in Japan are not as fortunate - There the skies are dishing out hundreds of . . . . . . . dead tadpoles (baby frogs)!

Since the beginning of June, there have been several downpours of these tiny creatures in various cities in Central Japan. The first incident was reported in the city of Nanao . A local who witnessed it, said he heard strange noises in the parking lot. When he went over to check it out, he saw hundreds of the dead amphibians on the windshields of parked cars. Two days later, a similar incident was reported in the city of Hakusan .

The whole phenomenon has scientists scratching their heads. They think it may be due to strong windstorms, which are sucking the tiny creatures from the seas and depositing them onto land. However, the meteorologists in the area are not satisfied with that explanation, since the area has not had any strong winds during these times. We think it's just some kids who put a new twist to their 'Bedtime Story'? What do you think? Be sure to weigh in by writing a comment below.

Sources: telegraph.co.uk, chinadaily.com, thetimesofindia.com

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  • karozas14
    karozas14about 6 years
    thats crazy, i agree with the science
    • deman626
      deman626over 8 years
      poor tadpoles they all died
      • bacon eater916over 8 years
        • pancreasalmost 9 years
          because the dolphin eats hats
          • demo manalmost 9 years
            all of ya are spies!
            • medicalmost 9 years
              AHHH!!! run!!!
              • dat engineeralmost 9 years
                well would you look at that! bacon bacon
                • kell-bell
                  kell-bellalmost 9 years
                  Oh my gosh... what the heck... I think they got evaporated... woah... I am just speechless.... not typeless though... whaaaa?.... wahhh!... help!!!...
                  • pumpi
                    pumpiover 9 years
                    Poor babies it's like the one in France a long time go, well i think it was in France.
                    • zuza
                      zuzaover 9 years