Finally - A Robot With Feelings!

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Try being mean to this robot and he will let you know - and not just by moving his head, but his entire body. Meet Kobian, the latest creation from Tokyo's Waseda University.

The good-looking dude with startling bright pink lips, can express seven emotions - anger, joy, sadness, happiness, surprise, fear and even disgust!

Besides having really 'mobile' eyebrows, eyes and mouth, Kobian also has a very agile neck, allowing him to express himself with a lot of flair.

His most vibrant emotions are joy and sadness. When he is delighted he opens his mouth and eyes wide and raises his hands up jubilantly. When he is sad, he closes his eyelids, hangs down his head and places a hand over his forehead, acting like he is in tears.

The emotional robot can also walk around, interact with people and perform tasks. Built bearing soft human hands, Kobian may be really close to a nursing career, which has been the ultimate aim of the researchers who have been developing him. We don't know if Kobian is going to show up in hospitals anytime soon, but he does put a twist in the old saying 'Acting like a Robot'!,

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  • animereina2021
    animereina2021over 3 years
    Have any of you watched, "I am Frankie" ?
    • animereina2021
      animereina2021over 3 years
      You should all know that is programmed to have emotion, but it doesn't really have emotion because it is only pretending. It was only programmed so it doesn't really have emotion. It is only made to LOOK like it has emotion...get what I mean? (Thanks @happypug12 for the inspiration! I added more to what to you meant to say...hope you don't mind!
      • LOLover 5 years
        • happypug12
          happypug12almost 9 years
          That is kind of creepy. It pretends to feel anger, joy, sadness, happiness, surprise, fear, and disgust, but it doesn't actually feel that way. You know what I mean?
        • fatoomalemon
          fatoomalemonalmost 9 years
          Interesting but looks a mime!
          • supover 9 years
            omgg im so amazinged
            • nicole249
              nicole249almost 10 years
              that robot thing is really creepy AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
              • Anonymousalmost 10 years
                That is so cool!! It has feelings?! Its like so cool! other words....paragraph-less
                • kell-bell
                  kell-bellalmost 10 years
                  Lol. that is amazing
                  • jcooper1
                    jcooper1about 11 years
                    this roobot looks like a woman