Six-Year Old Lands His Dream Job


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Like many six-year olds, Sam Pointon loves trains and dreams of working with them when he grows up. However, when the position for Director of the National Railway Museum in York, England, opened up, Sam couldn't resist applying for it - And lo and behold he got the job!

And not just any job - but that of 'Director of Fun', whose main task is - tell his colleagues how to make the museum a fun day out for kids.

It all began during a family vacation, when Sam's dad noticed the job opening and joked about it being the perfect position for the little lad (when he grew up). Sam thought he was plenty qualified already - After all, he had been on several train rides, owned an electric train and had mastered the technique of controlling two trains at once.

Little Sam's handwritten letter caught the eye of the museum staff, who were so impressed by his enthusiasm, that they decided to hire him.

While the job doesn't pay anything, it does have its perks. Sam and his family were invited for a special VIP, behind-the-scenes tour of the museum, which covers more than 400 years of railroad history and houses over 100 old trains and, given free tickets to see a stage adaptation of the popular kids book - 'The Railway Children'.

But young Sam has been no slouch either - He has been doing his job quite seriously and has already suggested that the musuem should set up a model train area to attract more children.

In fact, he is so serious about his new position that the six-year old believes he doesn't even have to go school anymore - which of course, is not the case. His parents just haven't had the heart to tell him yet!


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  • inventor
    inventoralmost 4 years
    look like he ocopmplishing stof in life✔✔👍
    • MeloYelooosalmost 7 years
      this is not the maximum i would say quite a bumpy train track to make it there i mean really imagine everything would go bazaro.
      • 11037
        11037about 7 years
        • charchar12345
          charchar12345over 7 years
          lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol to the maximum!
          • ttboutvtvt8774over 7 years
            • ttboutvtvt8774over 7 years
              i love trains
              • ttboutvtvt8774over 7 years
                thats cool
                • diamondkid
                  diamondkidalmost 8 years
                  He is determined.
                  • Royaltrainabout 8 years
                    When they say he can run two trains at once they most likely mean model trains. And he just help make the museum more kid attractive.
                  • turtlenicole
                    turtlenicoleover 8 years
                    LOVE THE KID!!!