You May Never Want To Wash Your Car Again


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We all have a tendency to want to scribble 'Wash Me', when we see an extremely dirty car. Scott Wade displays a similar tendency, except his scribbles have the opposite reaction - an urge to never wash the car!

That's because the San Marcos, Texas resident, creates beautiful pieces of art, using the windowpane as his canvas and the dust as 'paint'. While his paintings last only until the car's next wash or the next rainfall, Scott doesn't mind - To him it just creates room for his next idea.

Scott's career as a dirty car artist began accidentally four years ago, when he sketched a cartoon with his fingers, whilst idling around his own dirty car. Intrigued by his work, he tried to improve it by adding some shading with the help of a worn-out popsicle stick. It worked like a charm and he was hooked.

Now the artist is often seen zooming through dusty back roads to try get his Mini Cooper as dirty as possible, in order to begin his next project. While his 'work' is temporary, he does take a picture of each and every one of his fabulous creations.

Since 2006, the artist has dirt-painted 50 pieces of art that range from the famous 'Mona Lisa' to a jolly-looking Santa Claus. Each effort takes him a minimum of an hour and a half to complete.

Scott never erases his paintings, letting nature do the 'dirty' work. He says his worst enemies are the rain, the windshield wiper, too much sun, which makes the dirt difficult to manipulate, and of course a freshly washed car! To see a full gallery of Scott's work, go to his site:


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  • kell-bell
    kell-bellover 9 years
    Lol that is awesome
    • susie
      susieover 9 years
      he is very talented!!
      • mk over 9 years
        • mkover 9 years
          I love art and I think it's cool
          • syniahm
            syniahmabout 10 years
            that is so dirty
            • la_eliza
              la_elizaabout 10 years
              That is so coo!
              • girlygirlabout 10 years
                typo again i will retype wut i mean i said I want to draw now instead uv doing my hmwk tther i finally said it correctly
                • Rainbowrainbowsabout 10 years
                  I Would want to do that but the id get in trouble or ppl getting mad at me for doing it so I would only do it if I had permission to or ifit was sum kind uv experimment
                  • Rainbowrainbowsabout 10 years
                    I <3 art
                    • Rainbowrainbowsabout 10 years
                      Wow real good I wish I was THAT good