Alain Roberts A.K.A 'Spiderman' Is Back!


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Just when we think Alain Roberts, A.K.A 'Spiderman', has climbed everything possible, he emerges again. This time atop the 1,482ft Petronas twin towers in Malaysia.

The 5.5ft frenchman, began his ascent early in the morning on Tuesday, after sneaking past the unsuspecting security guards. Using just his bare hands, the amazing man scaled up the 88-stories of one of the towers in about two hours. Once there, he stuck the Malaysian flag on the top, and waved to the huge crowds gathered below.

As is normally the case, he was arrested soon after by the disgruntled officials. However, Alain is quite used to that and he was probably thrilled that this time around, he got the job done. That's because a similar attempt in 2007, was put to a halt by the Malaysian police, just as Alain reached the 60th floor.

Similar to other buildings and structures he has climbed in the past, the Petronas towers are considered landmarks buildings in Kuala Lumpur, and until 2004, were the tallest buildings in the world.

Alain's other conquests include the Sydney Opera House in Australia, the Sears Tower in Chicago, the Empire State building in New York and Taipei 101, in Taiwan

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