The Six-Year Old 'Mini' Mozart


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Six-year old Yoo Ye Eun took the world by storm last year, when a video of her playing the piano, was posted on YouTube. Surprisingly, this young girl, who is being called a 'mini' Mozart, has yet to take a formal piano lesson!

Yoo Ye Eun who was born blind and adopted whilst still a baby, first displayed her amazing talent at the age of three, when she played music to a song, her mother was singing.

Since then, there has been no going back. The young girl, who resides in South Korea, became addicted to the piano and while she still can't read the music, she is able to perfectly reproduce a tune, after hearing it just once! Her repertoire of music includes compositions by Mozart and Beethoven.

Since her video made her famous, the talented artist has performed at various events in her country and overseas. In 2008, she was invited to perform for the Prime Minister of Singapore . This December, she was back there, this time for multiple performances, including a charity show with South Korea's famous singer, Lee An.

Her parents, who are now searching for a suitable music teacher, are delighted at the progress of their little girl, who aspires to be a professional pianist when she grows up. We have no doubt she will be one of the great ones!


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