The World's Saddest Looking Fish May Soon Become Extinct!

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No matter how you look at it, the Blobfish has to be one of the most miserable looking animals you have probably ever encountered. And, it has a reason to be - If the fisherman continue to overfish this glum looking animal, it will soon disappear forever!

The blobfish is a deep sea fish that can be found off the coast of mainland Australia and the island of Tasmania. With very few muscles, the fish is primarily a mass of gelatin with a density that is slightly less than the ocean water. This enables it to float around on the ocean bed, without swimming or exerting any energy! As it bobs around, it feeds off anything edible that floats its way.

While not edible, blobfish live so close to the ocean bed, that they often get caught in the nets thrown to catch lobsters. As deep sea fishing becomes more prevalent in the region, an increasing number of blobfish are being pulled up - leading scientists to believe that they may soon become extinct. Now that would be really sad wouldn't it?

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  • songunicorn17
    songunicorn17almost 2 years
    Save da fishy!
    • songunicorn17
      songunicorn17almost 2 years
      Imagine catching a blobfish! Woah!
      • songunicorn17
        songunicorn17almost 2 years
        I love blobfishes!! They may be ugly but they have character!! #SavetheBlobfish!
        • oceanic
          oceanicalmost 3 years
          Don't hurt the blobfish! They're too cute to go extinct!
          • AidynBlobfishabout 4 years
            Blobfish are legit the best.
            • BLOBBYabout 4 years
              so sad.
              • purple pancakeover 4 years
                • blobberover 4 years
                  blob fish are so interesting
                  • #BLOBFISHGIRLover 4 years
                    The people of the world need to understand that Blobfish never tried to hurt anyone and the people out there need to understand that they are a species of fish trying to live they're life like any other fish in the ocean but if you don't like something don't try and change it let it live it's life and you go live your's ! Thank you and have a wonderful day!
                    • blob fish rule!over 4 years
                      They are so cool