Marine Biologist Discover New Species Of Strawberry Crabs


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A team of Taiwanese marine biologists recently revealed the discovery a new species of crab - one that resembles a strawberry so much, that it has been clumped with the family of crabs known as 'Strawberry Crabs'.

The newly discovered crustacean, which sports a startlingly red color with white spots is similar, to a species called Neolimera Pubescens, also known as 'Red Boxing Crab', found near Hawaii, Polynesia and Mauritius. However, this one has a distinctive clam-shaped shell, leading experts to believe that it is a totally new species, adding to the 5,000 species of crabs known to mankind.

The previously known species of Strawberry Crabs are known to be small shy creatures that rarely venture outside in the daylight. They are omnivores, feeding off the algae and small animals in the oceans.

Not too much is known about the habits of this newly found species. That's because the two female crabs that were caught, died soon after being captured. Professor Ho Ping Ho, whose team found the crabs off the coast of Kenting National Park, attributes the deaths to the increasing pollution in what used to be pristine waters, well known for its amazing marine life. Hopefully, they will find some more of these incredibly cute creatures!


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  • adroit_avimimus
    This is a cool discovery! Maybe strawberry flavored candy should be made in honor of these crabs! They would be shaped like them and taste like fresh strawberries! I would definitely eat that candy!
    • Creep3rSavage18about 4 years
      i love all crabs this is a neat discover
      • Meabout 5 years
        The vidio was so funny. LOL
        • Meabout 5 years
          • savageguyover 5 years
            such a cool article!!!!! this made me so much more savage. thank you
            • hiover 5 years
              totally strawberieish
              • random personover 5 years
                i'm Taiwanese too :)
                • kltoad
                  kltoadalmost 6 years
                  I want one.
                • Jacksepticeyeover 6 years
                  cold in the as can be!
                  • 44433over 6 years
                    it is interesting