14-year old Feliks Zemdegs has a new name - The God of Cubing - Rubik's Cubing that is. That's because the Aussie teen recently completed the infamous 3x3x3 cube in just 6.77 seconds, beating the previous record of 7.08 seconds set in 2008, by Dutchman Erik Akkersdijk.

The Melbourne resident who also broke five other records at the November 13th, Australia Cube Day, is obsessed with the cube, which according to his parents, seems to be glued to his hands almost the entire day.

Incredibly, another young cuber, Rowe Hessler, also broke the 2008 record the same day at a different event in Massachusetts- However, his time of 6.944 seconds was set a few hours after Feliks and therefore did not make it into the world record books - He is however, the American Rubik's cube champion.

Since we can't even tie our shoelaces in this short a time, leave alone solve the cube (which we gave up years ago), the achievement of both these teens is simply mind-boggling!

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