Animal Lover Adopts 1,500 Dogs And 200 Cats!

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You think you love animals? We guarantee you not as much as Ha Wenjin, who has given up everything she owned, so that she can look after all her pets.

The middle-aged Chinese woman started by taking care of just two to three dogs in the little spare time she had - but they kept coming in and before she knew it, she had quit her job and was spending her entire day, taking care of the dogs and cats in need.

With 1,500 dogs and 200 cats she now has her own animal shelter, with ten volunteer workers to assist with the dogs and two for the cats. As people who have dogs know it is pretty expensive to look after one dog, so you can only imagine how much 1,500 dogs would cost. Luckily, most of the food for the animals, is donated by kind individuals.

But just as things were looking good, Ha Wenjin had another setback. The Chinese government wants to reclaim the land the shelter is built on and have threatened to shut it down.

So poor Ha Wenjin now has to re-locate. After searching everywhere, she has finally settled on a place in Honyu Village, far away from other people, so they can't complain about the dogs barking. Now, all she has to do is find volunteers to help her transport the dogs and cats in buses and clean up after them. We hope she succeeds! Oh and if the first picture reminds you of the Mayflower boat, don't worry, the dogs are all gathered just because it's feeding time.


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  • Bubblegumover 5 years
    I would love that much pets
    • asdfghover 5 years
      that is a lot of animals
      • hilowover 5 years
        a dog and a cat is toooooooo mutch
        • puppyover 5 years
          i love animales
          • dogsover 5 years
            dogs are so cut and thats cool
            • Cheetahsover 5 years
              thats cool but wont she go bankrupt soon if she doesnt have the money.?.
              • boiover 5 years
                i would steal some, i love animals
                • meeeeeover 5 years
                  those must have cost alot
                  • meepover 5 years
                    why would you even want that many
                    • Tiana684over 5 years
                      But besides that is awesome that she has a lot of pets!! :D