Robots have been programmed to do many things - play music, work in hospitals, but run a restaurant? That's got to be a first! While it may sound impossible, that is exactly what is happening at a unique restaurant in the city of Jiang, China.

The Dalu Robot Restaurant, which opened its doors on December 5th, and can cater up to 100 customers at a time, is staffed with two robot receptionists and a staff of six robot waitresses and waiters.

Two of the robots serve drinks, while the other four attend to the food. To ensure that the robots can get around without stumbling over things, the tables are arranged around a pre-programmed route.

As for the food? Well, it turns out that the robots don't quite have the culinary skills - Yet! That is therefore handled by human employees, who can also be found supervising the robots in other parts of the restaurant.

However, the Shandong Dalu Science and Technology Company who owns Dalu Robot, has big expansion plans for the restaurant and is planning to increase the staff to about 40 robots! Now if only someone could figure out a robot that could do my homework!