Filmmaker Makes Movies To Put You To Sleep!


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Sondra Lowell has always wanted to make movies - However, when she took filmmaking classes at UCLA, her teachers claimed that her scripts were really really boring - So bad that it had them yawning within the first two paragraphs. This did not deter the filmmaker - She just decided to make movies of a different kind - Those that put people to sleep!

The filmmaker, who has invented a new genre - Film Sleepy, has so far directed two movies Webcam Murder and Sublime Crime: A Subliminal Mystery. And, the critics have been vowed by her efforts - The Los Angeles Times calls Webcam Murder - 'The most boring talkie ever made' and Sublime Crime has received similar reviews - Exactly what the filmmaker was hoping for.

So what are the movies about? Not much says Sondra who writes, directs and produces her masterpieces. There are a lot of blank scenes, an occasional comment like 'I love this movie' and, long pauses. In fact Webcam Murder, which started as a 40-minute boring movie was stretched to an even more boring 85 minutes so that it could qualify as a feature film. However to do this, Sondra did not film any more scenes, she merely made the actors speak slower, pause longer and ended the movie with a five-minute slow monologue about why she made it longer!

While we have heard of low-budget movies, Sondra takes it to a new level. Her entire movie costs just $103 USD - $100 USD of which she pays herself because of the Screen Guild Actor laws, and $3USD for the video tape.

So what do her audience think about her work? She really doesn't know - For when she is watching her movies, she can never keep awake long enough, to gauge their reaction!

So the next time you hear someone complaining of insomnia, direct them to Sondra's movies, which can be downloaded or purchased at And a word of caution to all those who are reading this at school - The videos below may put you to sleep! Happy snoozing!


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        It will make me sleep I am good at that
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          Very Boring Films
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            How true is that?
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