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As the third blizzard of the month slams the Eastern Coast of the United States, many of you are wondering when this seemingly endless winter of 2010 will cease. However, take heart - As you can see from the pictures below, there are folks who have it much worse, and for some, this is just a normal winter!

Oops! Looks like these folks slept in!

The city of Norilsk in Russia also known as the snow capital of the world!

The city gets so much snow that residents have developed a new sport - climbing ice walls!

Believe it or not, this is a picture of the Trans-Labrador Highway in Northeast Canada.

No the men aren't trying to create a snow maze - Just clearing out some snow, so that the building doesn't collapse under its weight!

So instead of moping around, bundle up and go have some fun! Happy winter!

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  • Graisonabout 3 years
    I like snow ⛄️
    • lilpoytatoover 3 years
      need more facts..
      • juliabeeover 4 years
        thats bad its not good
        • dustman
          dustmanalmost 5 years
          hey more info pleas
          • des#44over 7 years
            • no name over 7 years
              this is awesome i live in texas so i don't have snow where i live folks
              • asdf movie guyalmost 8 years
                everybody do the flop! in IN THE SNOW!
                • hemmguin
                  hemmguinalmost 8 years
                  I think it's kinda cool! We don't ever get that much snow down where I live
                  • wildpeep
                    wildpeepalmost 8 years
                    That's kinda scary.
                    • lkws5almost 8 years