Super Bowl Sunday means different things to different people - While a few of us watch it for the love of the game, for a lot of us it is a chance to have a party, watch some fun entertainment and gorge on junk food!

For the people who are in the latter categories or for those whose teams didn't make it, there is an alternative - The Puppy Bowl. Now in its sixth year, the program is aired on the Animal Planet Channel at the same time as the big game, and consists of a team of puppies, that play their own version of Super Bowl!

Just like the real deal, the game has an NFL commentator, features instant replays and even has a 'bowl' cam that provides viewers an amazing inside view of the puppies . . drinking water!

The young team is encouraged to tackle and bite on toys and bones - and a touchdown is declared every time they manage to drag a ball-shaped toy to the end zone. Any dog caught relieving itself on the field is charged with a penalty and timeouts are called whenever the water bowl runs dry.

And of course, what is a game without a half-time show - a group of young kittens keep the audience entertained with their lights, laser pens and yarn show.

This year's show promises to be even more fun with coverage provided from a blimp controlled by hamsters and a squad of high-spirited bunny rabbit cheerleaders.

So even if you are into the Super Bowl, be sure to at least take a glimpse - For while these players may not be not as good as those in the big leagues, they are definitely cuter! To read more, go to:,, karen ingle