Nintendo's Wii was the first gaming device that got gamers off their couches and using their muscles - Now Mattel's Mindflex intends to do the same, with what is sometimes the most underutilized part of the body - The brain!

Not convinced? Well you will be when you realize that if played the right way, the game will allow you to levitate a ball either straight up or make it go through obstacles, by simply looking at it - All you need to do is concentrate! Sounds way cooler than Hermione's 'Wingardium Levios' charm doesn't it?

The game that can be played by up to four players, comes with a wireless headset and a number of obstacle courses, which can be arranged to set up five game modes: freestyle, mental marathon, thoughtshot, chase the lights and most exciting of all, danger zone.

While it may seem like magic, the 'brains' behind Mindflex, is rooted in science and utilizes brain-computer interface tecnology developed by San Jose, California based Neurosky. While Mindflex is all about fun, the same technology can someday be developed to help severely disabled people use the power of their brains to perform simple day-to-day tasks.

The game, which won the 2009 Toy of the Year Award, retails for $80 USD. To learn more go to