It's A Plane, It's A Bird, It's A DOG?


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Earlier this week, Norway was home to one of Europe's biggest military training sessions - Operation Cold Response. While the rest of the soldiers performed their parachute dives solo, a Special Forces soldier from Austria, came down with a companion - his explosive sniffing dog!

Before you get all concerned, the dog was securely strapped to the soldier and even had a muzzle covering his mouth, so that he would not get injured during the fall.

The Belgian Shepherd seemed to be enjoying the view, as he dropped down 10,000ft. Not surprising, given that these dogs are known for their calm demeanor, as well as, intelligence. They are also highly trainable and very loyal, which is why they are so popular as police dogs.

Also, according to the Austrian soldiers, canines do not perceive the difference in heights like humans do and therefore, do not panic.

However, before you rush to strap your pooch and take him down, be warned that this is a specially trained dog and that he has done it many many times before!


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