Music Band 'OK Go' Creates Another Mesmerizing Music Video


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Most music artists become famous because of their vocals - In the case of Los Angeles based 'OK Go', it's the creative music videos that is making them world famous.

The group first caught the world's attention with their 2006 video, 'Here it Goes Again', in which they sang the country song while dancing atop fast-moving treadmills. The song which was viewed on the Internet more than 50 million times became one of the year's biggest hits and went on to win a Grammy Award for the Best Short-Form Music Video.

This time, the four youngsters have created a stunning video to the song 'This Too Shall Pass'. For this video, the group consulted with experts from MIT, The California Institute of Technology and a gadget firm to construct the ultimate 'Wallace and Gromit' kind of contraption.

The automatic gadget that took two months and cost $90,000 USD, comprised of 700 household objects that were set up to topple over, in sequence to the music. The chain reaction is set off by the band leader rolling a red lorry over a row of dominoes and continues for four minutes, ending as you will see, with quite a splash!

The most amazing thing about the video is that it was not shot piecemeal - but in a single taping. While it took the band 48 tries to get it right, the result is bound to keep you glued to your screen and make you want to see the video, again and again.

And, when you are done, be sure to check out the video that made them famous - Let us know which one you like better.


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