California resident Jim Denevan, is an amazing artist whose work is admired by all, but owned by none - that's because all of Jim's art is created on an unusual canvas - the soft sand. He sometimes spends days working on a piece, only to see it washed away by the sea or a storm and that, is just the way he likes it.

Denevan, who is also a well-regarded chef, discovered his artistic talents about ten years ago, when he was idling on the beach with a stick. He ended up drawing a 12ft. long fish. Since then, Jim has logged over 1,800 miles while creating over 600 pieces of sand art.

Over the years, his drawings have become bigger and more sophisticated, but the tools he uses haven't changed - All he needs is a stick, a garden rake and most importantly, his vivid imagination!

Just like any good artist, Jim is quite particular about the 'quality' of his canvas, sometimes walking for miles, in search for that perfect patch of sand.

His latest piece of work, which is also the world's largest freelance drawing, was created in the desert sands of Nevada (see picture). It took Jim three trips, eight days and over 100 miles of walking to create this 3-mile circular marvel. It took the storm just one night to destroy it! However, Jim says he actually enjoys watching the waves or rain, wash his paintings away.

Jim's art has become very popular over the years and was even the topic of a documentary dubbed 'Sandman' in 2005. To see more of Denevan's sand creations, check out his website at

Jim Denevan is not just about art in the sand - he is also an accomplished chef and founder of an organization called 'Outstanding in the Field', whose motto is to celebrate food at its source. Accordingly, group dining events are held outdoors on farms, with the diners being treated to a gourmet meal and talks by local artisans, farmers and winemakers. The events, which are held in different farms throughout America, are so popular, that most are sold out the minute the schedule is announced. To learn more about Jim, the food artist, go to:,