Give Your Pets The Spa Vacation They Deserve!


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Is your cat or dog looking a little lethargic and worn-out? How about checking him/her into the Wag Hotel for a relaxing and rejuvenating Spa vacation - A place where he/she can relax from the pressures of daily life with other pampered pets!

The pet hotel, which currently has two locations, one in San Francisco's Mission District and the other in West Sacramento, offers your pooch a room, two meals, playgroups and exposure to classical music for between $38-$48USD per night.

Step it up a little to $75USD or $85USD, and your dog can reside in a mini or large suite with premium beds, a plasma TV, sofa's, rugs, paintings, classical music, two meals and a playgroup. Have a cat? Not a problem! He/she can rent a 2-story condo, with beds and a private bathroom, all for between $25USD to $35USD, a night.

While there, you can sign up your pet for all sorts of activities like swimming ($25), individual play time ($25), or a walk ($15). You can even order an organic meal for your pet by paying an extra $5. And, after an active day you can arrange for a massage (for your pet of course!), for a mere $25USD!

The hotel even has a grooming facility, where your pet can get a pedicure and a boutique that sells new collars and other pet accessories, just in case he/she gets invited to a party. Can't part with your pet for a night? Not to worry, the hotels even offer a day care!

Still not sure? You can try it out for free and see how your pooch or cat likes it or simply take him/her for one of their special events like a Cinco De Mayo party or Easter egg hunt. To learn more about this luxury abode check out


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  • AHHHHHHHabout 3 years
    i would take my dog if i could :(
    • Nun Yaabout 4 years
      Those dogs and cats don't look happy. I wouldn't trust me dog to stay there without me. I wouldn't take them there at all.
      • think PINK!!!about 4 years
        why does this look sooooooo terrible!
        • think PINK!!!about 4 years
          really? ahhh! this looks terrible
          • HP rulesabout 5 years
            My dog would hate this
            • I'm not tellingabout 5 years
              So cool I love that u do that for just animals u guys r sooooooo nice I love animals thats why everyone calls me an animal lover thank u guys ur awesome
              • awesome30000000
                awesome30000000over 5 years
                this looks like the pet's are being treated bad
                • sporty catover 5 years
                  awesome i want to be a cat right now
                  • katlynnabout 6 years
                    I want to be a dog right now too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                    • coolanime
                      coolanimeover 6 years
                      My dog will love that