While most of us see a tarmac road as a fixed structure that takes you to a pre-determined destination, 24-year-old Swedish artist Eric Johansson, sees it as something he can drag behind him, to a destination of his choice - And, he actually accomplishes it, with the help of a few camera few tricks of course!

While many digital artists pick random images and distort them, Eric first imagines the picture in his mind and then looks for the right location to take the photo. After that, he works his magic using a specialized computer program - and voila - An ordinary chore like ironing a shirt, turns into a work of art!

Eric, who likes to keep his art 'real', even while he distorts, says that the final product rarely turns out the way it was envisioned - It is usually better! The young artist, who spends between 10-20 hours on each image, gets his inspiration from everyday life - Simple things like a man riding a bicycle or a road undergoing construction.

Eric has been manipulating photos since he received his first digital camera at the age of 15. However, he didn't take it seriously until a few years ago when he bought a more professional, SLR camera.

Since then, his skills have improved so much, that the young artist is receiving requests from fans who wish to buy his pictures.

His advice to young budding photographers? Make a note of any idea as soon as you think about it - Otherwise, it will be forgotten and lost forever! To view more of Eric's art, click on www.alltelleringet.com.

sources: environmentalgraffitti.com, dailymail.co.uk