Every year around this time, the agricultural fields of South West England turn into giant works of art overnight, restarting the age-old debate of whether the crop circles are man-made creations or the work of an extra terrestrial group trying to send us a message.

This year's first crop circle was created on a field of oil seed rape in Wiltshire, on May 7th. The beautiful circular piece of art is just one of many that will start to show up as the summer progresses and, will most likely follow a theme.

Last year, all the crop circles were based on the environment, with the most striking one being a 600 ft. delicately carved Jellyfish, that mysteriously appeared in a barley field in Oxfordshire.

Crop circles or patterns created by flattening crops like wheat, barley and rye, are not new to this or other parts of the world - they have been around for years, the earliest ones recorded, as far back as the 17th century. They have however, gotten increasingly sophisticated over the years.

While some are man-made, the ones in South West England , appear mysteriously overnight, and have become the topic of many debates. Some people believe that thanks to modern technology, it is possible to create such complicated designs in the middle of the night.

However others are convinced that since they appear on 'ley' lines (straight lines that connect ancient sites), the circles are the work of 'Alien' superpowers . One thing everybody does agree on, is that they have been wonderful for the local economy, since they attract thousands of visitors each year.

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