Conchita has always led a rather charmed life - Waited on from head to paw by a dedicated staff, the little Chihuahua went for weekly spa, manicure and pedicure treatments in her gold Cadillac and accompanied her mistress, Gail Posner, on many high-powered lunches and dinners.

In fact, the little dog was so spoilt that her mistress even bought her a $10,000 USD Cartier diamond necklace, which she rejected, because it choked her!

So, when her mistress died earlier this year, the poor dog was a tad bit concerned that her chic lifestyle may come to an abrupt halt. However, she shouldn't have worried - Ms. Posner left her not only the $8.3 million USD beachfront Miami mansion where she lives, but also, $2mm USD to pay for her day-to-day expenses. To make sure Conchita does not get lonely, Ms. Posner left a similar amount for her two other dogs.

And that's not all - To ensure that Conchita and the other dogs would continue to receive the kind of care they are accustomed to, Ms. Posner gave $24mm USD to her staff, which includes her personal assistant and two bodyguards.

The only person this generous woman did not take care of is her son, who received a mere $1MM USD. Needless to say, he is not happy with his paltry inheritance and is trying to get all or at least some of it back. Too bad Conchita can't fight back - Woof Woof!,,