What do you do with that old car that is gathering dust in your garage, simply because it carries too many memories? Craft it into a . . . . . . Transformer of course! This impressive 2-meter tall, 90kg (186lbs) specimen made from an old car, is the genius work of Nikola Nikolav, a Bulgarian artist who specializes in recycling household items that are lying around for nostalgic reasons.

The transformer is sculpted from pieces of an old Lada Samara Diva that have been welded together in the shape of a robot. Impressive as it looks, this Autobot does not move, nor can it 'transform' back to a car.

Nikola's company Studio Re-Creation has performed many such amazing transformations in the past. When an architect couldn't part with his Eames chairs, he converted them into beautiful functioning lamps. Then there is 'Alice', a beautiful open cabinet made from unused furniture that includes a baby bed, an umbrella and a table.

Nikola discovered his artistic calling quite accidentally. While working as a dishwasher to make ends meet, he accumulated the pieces from broken dishes and turned them into works of art. He enjoyed it so much that upon graduating from Amsterdam's Sanberg Institute in 2002, he established Studio Re-Creation to create objects through which memories can be preserved forever!

Source: studiorecreation.com