World's Biggest Skateboard = One Giant Wipeout!


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How many people does it take to ride a skateboard? Think the answer is obvious? Not so, when you are trying to steer a 36 feet 7 inches long skateboard that is 9 feet wide and weighs nearly 3,800 pounds, and, is officially the World's Largest Skateboard!

The giant monster, the brainchild of Skatepark builder Joe Ciaglia and professional skateboarder, Rob Dyrdek, needs the weight of at least 10-12 people to control and help change direction - Otherwise, it simply has a mind of its own and goes wherever it feels like!

How do they know? Joe Ciaglia the owner of this beauty couldn't resist the challenge and decided to try ride it - The result as you can see for yourself is disastrous and hilarious at the same time!

Joe, who took the board to Camp Woodward, Colorado said that a group of them first tested the board on little hills. It was so much fun, that they then decided to move on to bigger, more challenging terrain. Then, unable to resist, he tried to ride the board on his own - Suddenly, the monster was out of control. Bouncing around, as if on a pogo stick, Joe had to leap off, before he got completely wiped out! However, through this whole adventure, his concern was not for himself, but for his giant board. Luckily both survived!

Certified as the World's largest by the Guinness Book of Records earlier this year, the skateboard was built at the California Skateparks warehouse in 2009, and first showcased on Rob Dyrdek's show, 'The Fantasy Factory'.

Since then, it has been ridden in many places, including along Southern California's popular Venice Beach and New York City's,Time Square. However, this is the first time someone has dared to try ride it solo! To see how it was built and read about the adventures of this ginormous board, check out


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