Following an unsuccessful attempt to become the first man to fly from Morocco to Spain last year, Swiss Adventurer Yves Rossy, better known as, Jet-Man or Fusionman is back - Stronger and more determined than before.

For his latest stunt, he took on the Breitling Wingwalkers - England's premier airplane stunt company, in Buochs, Switzerland, on July 5th.

Equipped with a faster extracting parachute and new Delta Wings that allow him to perform more aerobatic maneuvers, Rossy leapt off a plane from an altitude of 3,500 feet. He then steered himself to join the two Boeing Stearman Wingwalkers cruising at an altitude of 1,000 feet and flew alongside them in precise formation for a full six minutes - very impressive, considering Rossy was steering with just his body and a hand-throttle.

Rossy, a former fighter pilot, is also the inventor of the jet engine wings that have made him world-famous. Built from carbon fiber, the 8-ft. span wings are attached to four-small kerosene burning engines, similar to the ones used in model airplanes. The wings, which fold at the hinges are attached to Rossy's back. When he leaps from an airplane, he opens them up and then uses his body and a hand throttle to maneuver the flight. As he gets closer to the ground, he opens a parachute and gracefully glides down.

Over the years, his Jet Pack has become increasingly sophisticated. This latest attempt was made using new 'Delta Wings', which he hopes to tweak further, to perform increasingly impressive acrobatics. Also being fine-tuned, is his landing gear - While his current parachute is opened at 2,625 feet (800 meters), Rossi is working on one that will open at 'rocket' speeds, allowing him to fly as low as, 656 feet (200 meters) - So stay tuned for more exciting flights by this fearless adventurer!