Reality Talent Shows attract thousands of people every week, all aspiring to be the next big star. While a lot of them leave an impression, few have managed to stand out as much as, Liu Wei, a pianist who recently auditioned in Beijing for 'China's Got Talent'.

The 24-year old wowed the audience by playing a rendition of Marriage D'Armour with his feet, not hands - And, it wasn't a gimmick to attract attention either. This is the only way this young man can play the piano since - he has no hands!

Liu had dreamt of being a professional musician ever since he was young. However, when he was only ten years old, he lost both his arms, when he accidently touched an electrified wire during a game of hide and seek.

While most people would have given up, Liu was determined - At the relatively late age of 19, after being rejected by a piano teacher, he decided to learn the instrument on his own. Though it was not easy manipulating his feet over the piano keys, he persevered - And the results, as you will see from the video, are simply amazing!

Liu, whose goal is to make his mother proud by becoming one of the top three finalists says that he could have led his life in one of two ways - Either give up, which would lead to a hopeless death, or to live life to the fullest by fulfilling his dreams - After all, nobody ever said that to play a piano, one can only use his hands!

Liu is yet another example of how humans can overcome any adversity if they put their minds to it - Something we should all remember the next time we have a setback!,