More than a quarter century after it was invented, the Rubik's Cube remains as big a challenge, as when it was first introduced. Over the years, all kinds of records have been shattered by competitors who had their feet planted firmly on the ground.

Now, Dresden resident, Ludwig Fichte has taken it up a notch, by solving it whilst free-falling from an altitude of over 14,000 ft. After jumping off a plane, the 29-year old situated himself in a rapidly plunging rubber dinghy and set about solving the puzzle.

Within 31.5 seconds, with more than 8000 ft. to spare, the young daredevil was done, giving him more than enough time to deploy his parachute and float to the ground safely.

While this is not the first time, the cube has been solved by a free-falling athlete, Fichte believes he is the first to do it while sitting in a rubber dinghy and, he can't wait to do it again - This time maybe with another speed-cube enthusiast competing with him or better still, whilst solving two cubes in a row - Now that, sounds interesting!,