This Weekend - It's Double Trouble in Twinsburg!


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If you happen to be in Twinsburg, Ohio, this first full weekend of August, don't be surprised if you see double, triple or even quadruple images of every person you meet. That's because you have just arrived at the world's largest Twin Days festival.

The annual festival began in 1976 to celebrate this miracle of nature. Thirty-seven sets of twins showed up for the one-day event at which they mingled, ran a marathon and watched 'Thunder Chicken' perform a skydiving act. The Fireman's Fund served hamburgers, corn on the cob and soda, all for just 76 cents.

While the marathon is still a favorite, the festival has changed a little since then. Held on the first weekend of August, it now lasts for three days, attracts almost 3,000 sets of twins from all over the world and, is recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the world's largest gathering of duplicates!

The festival now also has a theme - Last year's it was Twins Rock N' Roll, while this year, it's time for all things Western at the 'Twins Day Roundup'. A double parade, twins talent show, hot air balloon rides, golf tournaments, field games, magicians and face painting for the kids, as well as, live entertainment keep the attendees busy during the three day period.

As far as the food, it is now so gourmet that last year the folks from the Food Network television came and filmed an episode here! - Of course, there is very little available for 76 cents!

Among this years attendees, are the Diersing Twins - Betsy Rae and Susan Rae, who have been coming to the festival since it's inception, when they were just one-year old! Now, married to brothers, Rob and Mike Guel, the two still enjoy an event where they can dress in the same clothes and fit right in!

While the festival began in 1976, the town's connection to twins dates back all the way to 1814, when identical pair of siblings Maron and Aron Wilcox from Connecticut, purchased 4,000 acres of the town, then known as Millsville. They offered to donate 6,000 acres for a town park and give $20 USD to build a public school, if - The name of the town was changed to 'Twinsburg'.

Not one to turn down a good offer, the officials quickly agreed and Twinsburg was born. However, neither they nor the Wilcox team would have ever guessed that this would one day become the most popular meeting place for all human doubles, triples and quadruples! To read more about this fun event or find out how you and your sibling can attend next year's event check out:


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                  I went there in 2012!!!!!!! It was awesome!!!
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