Imagine if you could wear a new shirt to school every morning and even better - it is a one-of-a-kind creation. Think that's just a pipe dream? Not if Spanish designer Manel Torres has his way, with his new line of spray-on clothing.

Currently being developed by a company called Fabrican, the material is the genius outcome of a collaboration between Spanish designer, Manel Torres and Paul Lukham, a professor of particle technology at London's Imperial College.

As the name indicates, it literally involves spraying a person with an aerosol spray can that contains short fibers and polymers, mixed in with a solvent that helps turn the clothing to a liquid form. As it dries, the fibers bind together creating a fabric that can be peeled off and tucked away in the closet, just like any other shirt - And yes, it can be washed!

The spray on clothing is pretty versatile and can be made with any fabric - cotton, wool, acrylic and even linen and manufactured in any color desired. The density of the clothing can be made thicker by spraying on extra layers - which means it can be used to make clothes for almost any kind of weather.

Additionally, Manel believes that the fabric may have many innovative uses outside of the fashion industry ranging from making upholstery to creating spray on bandages that won't irritate the wound.

While the young designer will be demonstrating his fun fabric at the upcoming Science in Style Fashion Show, it is not ready to hit the mainstream market yet for a couple of reasons. The first hurdle is the smell of the solvent, which is very strong and lingers around the clothing. Also, there is the issue of the snugness of the clothing created, which may not appeal to a lot of people.

But the researchers promise that these kinks will be sorted out soon, and that it will not be long before we can all just wake up in the morning, and simply spray on a t-shirt!