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If you love pumpkins you must pay a visit to Ludwigsburg, Germany for the World's Largest Pumpkin Festival, an annual event held in the fall, that features - well, all things pumpkin, of course!

While the festival, which is held on the grounds of a 17th century castle, features all the normal pumpkin festival items, like competition for the largest pumpkin and all kinds of pumpkin foods, like pumpkin curry and pumpkin jelly, it also has some really cool things that nobody else has.

The first one is pumpkin sculptures - Each year, the organizers decide on a theme, like 'reach for the stars' or 'fairy tales' and the artists get to work building amazing themed structures with pumpkins.

And then, and this is my most favorite one, there is the giant pumpkin boat race - where they carve out large pumpkins and turn them into boats. They then have actual competitions where competitors sit inside and paddle with an oar, to the finish line. Who knows what the prize is, but I'm guessing it is something to do with pumpkins! I would do it just for the fun of it, wouldn't you?

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  • Emmanuel pro about 3 years
    Hi all I love the pumpkins
    • Felipe 4th about 4 years
      I think it is so cool I want to do that.
      • Oliviaabout 5 years
        I don’t like pumpkins so I wasn’t very intrested sorry
        • NATASHA about 5 years
          It was pretty good!!!!!!!!!!
          • nnnnnnaaaaaaalmost 7 years
            I would want to get in the pumpkin boat.
            • ferfrfrfrdfrgrfabout 7 years
              Cool but weird!
              • eyjtbstzscyzvmhabout 7 years
                this looks fun
                • baseball over 7 years
                  • Ljalmost 8 years
                    Coolest I ever sall
                    • capnutxalmost 8 years