Remember how your mum always tells you never to stick your tongue out, even if it is at an object like a traffic sign? Well, an Oklahoma youngster obviously wasn't paying any attention and what happened next, sounds eerily like the scene from the movie 'Christmas Story'.

Responding to a double dare from his brother (we are assuming an older one), as they waited for the school bus to arrive, an eight-year old stood on his toes to lick the pole of a Stop sign. Unfortunately for him, the weather in Woodward, Oklahoma was so cold yesterday morning, that his tongue got stuck to the pole!

Fortunately a teacher from the Woodward Middle School across the road, heard the older brother screaming for help, and took heed of the helpless young man who by then, had been stuck for 15 minutes.

She called the Paramedics, who unglued a 'substantial' portion of the young boy's tongue, by pouring some water over it. They then quickly whisked him off to the hospital for treatment. The only fortunate part of this whole incident? His name has not been revealed to the public!

Not surprisingly, this is not the first kid to have done this. In 2009, a 13-year old Spokane girl got herself into a similar situation and she, made national news!