These Little Piggies Are Heading To The Market - To Shop!

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Who would have guessed that one could turn piglets into little divas that trot around with shopping bags and race everywhere in convertibles! But that's exactly the kind of things British photographer Bob Elsdale persuades them to do and, he has pictures to prove it.

Mr. Elsdale, who specializes in taking animal photos is able to do such an amazing job because his wife and he bring in and nurture all the animals he captures on film, from the time they are just a few days old. In fact, their home in Central London is a registered farm - The only one in the area!

Over the years, they have had a slew of piglet models. Hand fed and cared for, just like house pets, the hogs become part of the family and get so comfortable around cameras that modeling for photos becomes like a game. When they grow older and are too big to pose Mr. Elsdale sends them off to an open farm, where they retire in style.

Their first piglet model Rosie, who was adopted when she was just four days old, loved food so much, that he was able to train her to sit, stand, lie down and even roll over, all with the promise of some French cheese.

Having said that, the piglets are just like human model divas and getting them to work with props, sometimes takes hours. Not only do they have to constantly be bribed with food, but also, never be taken off the floor, because they hate to have their feet above the ground. And, when they get tired they simply nuzzle up to Bob's leg and fall asleep, sometimes right in the middle of a photo shoot! But as you can see, when everything goes according to plan, the results are quite stunning!

Besides pigs, Mr. Elsdale also uses cats, dogs, squirrels, ducks and even chimpanzees as models - And, they all seem to do magical things under his watch. To see the brilliant photographer's entire gallery check out


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