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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade - That is the attitude this two-legged pig that resides in China's Anhui Province seems to have adopted and, he appears to be quite content.

Born earlier this year with no hind legs, the little pig could have suffered through life. However, thanks to his kind owner - Farmer Ge Xinping, who not only hand fed it for the first few weeks, but also, taught it how to move on just two legs, the pig is now self-sufficient and walks around like an upside down gymnast! Just shows that anything is possible if one has a positive attitude.


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  • coolish
    coolishabout 1 year
    O..m..g. ...I didn't even know that's possible... 🐷🐷
    • x_goddess_x
      x_goddess_xabout 1 year
      Omg! Wowza!!
      • carleighover 2 years
        this is amazing i would never kill this pig for pork or money
      • kittyloverover 2 years
        this is amazing!!!!! cant belive this is real
        • Carleigh almost 3 years
          I love gymnastics even though I haven't signed up YET #I will be soon I think I'm at a level 10 all I know is in good at it👩 I💖GYMNASTICS
          • OMGover 3 years
            i´m a gymnast and a cheerleader and all i have to say is that pig is amazing
            • Jay Jayover 3 years
              relief pig is ok
              • Mariahover 3 years
                OMG THAT PIG IS SO FUNNY😂😂
                • Addy 😯over 3 years
                  So cool 😎😎
                  • skyover 3 years
                    😕😦in love pigs but i do not eat bacon because they are made out of pigs