Flyboard Allows Humans To Frolic like Dolphins


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If you have ever wished to frolic in the ocean like a dolphin - Flying in and out of the water, without a worry in the world, you are in luck, thanks to this exciting new contraption, invented by water sport enthusiast Frank Zapata.

While named Flyboard, the ingenious invention is not technically a board, but a simple device that comprises of a long hose that is connected to a pair of jet boots and two hand held stabilizers.

To get started, the Flyboard user simply straps on the jet boots and attaches the other end of the hose to the motor a powerful Jet Ski. As the Jet Ski starts up, the robust stream of water it creates is channeled into the long hose, which in turn, propels the human at the other end high up into the sky. The stabilizers help the athlete control the flight.

As the water drains out, the Flyboard and the attached human leap back into the water - headfirst, only to rise again with the next powerful stream of water. According to Mr. Zapata, once the user gets the hang of it, he/she can fly as high as 30ft. and even, perform backward summersaults.

In case you are thinking of putting this on your Christmas list, you should be warned that it does cost $6,700 USD and, the Jet-Ski is not included!


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      i got a ak47 and a rpg and im going to blow up that because it might make someone grown
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        A water jetpack
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