OMG! This Little Porker Thinks He Is A Dog


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This pig seems to be saying 'been there, done that' to a pig's life, opting instead, for a dog's life! And, he doesn't just think he is a dog, but acts like one too - Responding to his name, going for walks with a leash around his neck, playing fetch and most important of all, performing tricks!

Louie's fascination with dogs began at a very young age - Born in Porthmadog, North Wales, the little hog was separated from the rest of the pigs because of his tiny size, by his owner, Sue Williams.

Instead, the baby pig was allowed to roam the grounds of her house, along with her two dogs. The smart piggy obviously picked up some tricks from them. One day, when Ms. Williams was trying to get one of the dogs to run through a tunnel, Louie not only zoomed through it, but also, did a better job, earning himself a spot on the 'dog agility' team.

And so far, he has not proved her wrong. He trots through tunnels, leaps over hurdles and goes right and left between poles with an agility that would put any dog to shame. What's even more stunning, is that he learns the tricks much faster than the dogs.

In fact, the nine-month old pot-bellied pig cross breed is so good, that he has been performing at agricultural and talent shows all around the country and, is the best member of her dog agility team, completing all the hardest courses with ease. The only thing he asks is that a yummy ginger biscuit is awaiting him at the end of every challenge - For, while he may try his hardest to be a dog, there are some things little porkers just cannot resist.

One thing is for sure though - This smart hog ain't going to be turned into bacon anytime soon. That's because as soon as he gets his official animal exhibition license, Ms. Williams plans to show off his talents, by entering him in real 'dog' shows!

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