Six-year old Minnesota resident Zach, is living every boy's (young and old) dream with this full-sized pirate ship complete with steer, that sits right inside his bedroom - And that, is just the icing on the cake!

His insanely cool room also features a rope bridge, an iron jail to lock up any errant mates or pesky young sisters, a secret rope ladder that escapes into a closet, and the coolest of all - A twisty slide that zooms down and lands into a sports court situated at the bottom of the house.

To make the scene look authentic, the room is painted blue like the ocean. Also, the ship is not on the ground, but tethered at the top of the room and then anchored with a painted chain that leads to the bottom of the sea, complete with tiny sea creatures (all painted of course!).

The idea to build Zach a cool playroom came about thanks to the young lad's ultra cool dad, who wants him to have a playful and whimsical childhood - Something he was not fortunate enough to experience.

He therefore approached Minneapolis-based designer, Steve Kuhl who came up with sketches for four dream rooms - space ship, racecar, castle and this pirate ship. Once little Zach had decided on the ship, it took Steve another two weeks to get the design right and about four weeks to complete the construction. On thing is for sure - As long as he has this room, Zach will never be short of shipmates!