Everyone has heard of Origami, but Airigami? That's definitely a new concept. Developed by Rochester-based Larry Moss and Kelley Cheatle about 25 years ago, it is a technique to create balloon art. And, we are not talking about swords and flowers, but giant balloon masterpieces.

Their amazing works of Airigami include replicas of Old Masters like the Mona Lisa and the Campbell Soup Can, as well as, fashion projects like evening dresses, costumes and even a wedding gown and tuxedo.

The duo have even created scenes from fairy tales like the Three Little Pigs, The Princess and the Pea, Rapunzel, Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, Little Red-Riding Hood and even the Pied Piper - made entirely from balloons.

Also cool was the Fantastic Flying Octopus - the world's first-ever piloted latex balloon sculpture that Larry built with the help of 23 balloon artists and a countless number of volunteers. An eight-member flight crew helped lift the massive sculpture off the ground.

However, their coolest project so far, has been the Balloon Manors that they build during Halloween. The 10-room, 10,000 sq.ft. haunted houses made using 100,000 balloons, constructed with the help of balloon artists, from all over the world, are filled with scary creatures that leap out as visitors tour around - Truly spooktacular!

Larry's Airigami career began on the streets of New York City, about 25 years ago. Over the years, his incredible works of art has made him quite famous all over the world. He has been featured in many magazines, appeared on many talk shows and even garnered a Guinness world record for creating the first non-round balloon sculpture. His partner Kelly, who joined in later, also acts as the design and marketing director for the company. To view more of their fun projects, check out airigami.com.

Resources: airigami.com,odditycentral.com