The Humble Potato Makes 'Worlds Most Expensive' Foods List!


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Who would have thought that the humble potato would make the list of the world's most expensive foods right alongside exotic eats like caviar and truffle. But then, we are not talking about any old potato, but the King of spuds - La Bonnotte!

The reason the tubers retails for over $300 USD a pound is not only their unique taste, but also, their limited availibility. Grown exclusively on the island of Noirmoutier, off the coast of Western France, the tubers are fertilized with algae and seaweed, which gives them a delicious salty flavor. Added to that is the fact that the island only produces 100 tons a year, barely enough to keep up with the demand from the country's high-end restaurants.

The reason for the small supply is not to keep the potatoes rare, but because they are so fragile that they have to be handpicked and therefore cannot be grown in real large quantities - That is also the reason it is uneconomical for commercial potato farmers to grow the spud. In fact, the farmers on Noirmoutier only grow it because they do not want the variety to become extinct.

Planted in February, La Bonnotte spuds are ready to be picked up by the first week of May and . . . . . . . all gone by the 10th of May - It's no wonder that most people have never even heard of its existence.,,

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