Earlier this week, British teenager Matt Whitehurst stunned the world with pictures of himself traversing across the 1.25-mile long, 75-feet deep, Lake Buttermere in Cumbria, England on a bicycle. So how did he do it?

The teen will not reveal his secret, but strongly asserts that the photos are not fake and that many people were present to witness his gravity-defying bike ride. Since Matt will not talk we can only speculate on how he did it. So here are a few theories - Be sure to tell us which one you think is the most likely -

Matt is posing on a natural sand bar that he found under the water.

His bike is attached to a flotation device that is buried inside the lake.

He got dragged to the middle by a boat and is now floating just on his own momentum.

The whole stunt is just a Photoshop gimmick OR

The teen has actually figured out a way to defy gravity and tread on water!

No matter how he did it, Matt should be lauded for coming up with this original idea to publicize a charity race that takes place in the region on September 18th, to raise money for the victims of a devastating flood that ripped through Cumbria about two years ago. The stunt has definitely gotten more attention than a flyer would have, which hopefully will mean more participants and therefore, more aid for the people who need it!

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