15-year old Feliks Zemdegs is known by many names - The God of Cubing, The Rembrandt of Rubik's Cube and even, The Usain Bolt of Cubing - To us, he is just amazing. For how else can you describe someone who can complete the tricky 3x3x3 cube in just 5.66 seconds?

This is not the first time the young Australian boy has made headlines with his cubing prowess - In November 2010, he not only snagged the world title from Dutchman Erik Akkerdijk when he solved the cube in 6.77 seconds, but also, broke five other records.

This latest attempt took place at the Melbourne Winter Open on June 25th - Once again, the young boy did not just break one record, but three - The overall best time, The average best time (7.64 seconds) and, the fastest one to complete the 4X4 Cube (30.88 seconds). Not surprisingly, he was declared the overall winner of the event too! The young boy's achievement is even more remarkable when you consider that it took the inventor of the cube - Erno Rubik, a whole month to solve the puzzle the first time!

So how did the champ who has his own YouTube channel dedicated to cubing celebrate? By pulling out a miniature cube from his pocket and solving it of course!

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